Founded in 2017 by 3-time Olympian Kara Lynn Joyce, the LEAD (Leadership, Empowerment, & Athletic Development) Sports Summit provides teenage female swimmers ages, 13-18, the opportunity to learn leadership and communication skills from an accomplished group of female Olympians and mentors over the course of a three day summit.


Attendees learn from four expert mentors, participate in team building activities, and learn about their strengths as individuals that will help them navigate their teenage years and achieve more as students, athletes, and leaders. 

My goal for the LEAD Sports Summit is to connect young female athletes with strong female mentors and cultivate an environment for leadership and empowerment among women.
— Kara Lynn Joyce, LEAD Founder

The LEAD team of mentors are all the very best within the sport of swimming in each of their respected fields.

LEAD Mentors


Kara Lynn Joyce

3-Time Olympian

2004, 2008, 2012

LEAD Summit Founder


Jennifer Brunelli

Sports RDpro Founder

Professional Nutritionist

Former US National Team


Christen Shefchunas

Professional Confidence Coach

Naked Confidence Author

Former Division I Head Coach

Missy Franklin


5-time Olympic Gold Medalist 

Relentless Spirit Author

Laureus Sport Ambassador


Elizabeth Beisel


3-Time Olympian

2008, 2012, 2016

2016 Team USA Captain

The 2017 LEAD Summit has SOLD OUT. 

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