Leadership is a team effort.

In order to give our LEAD girls the most well-rounded leadership knowledge and opportunities, the LEAD team recognized that home is an important place for leadership cultivation. The LEAD Parent Track is a brand-new program of keynotes and seminars for parents on Confidence and Nutrition, as well as breakout sessions on College Recruiting, Sports Psychology and more. These sessions will be led by our Olympian speakers and expert mentors with the help of our Team Leaders. Additional schedule details will be released soon.

Date: Sunday, September 1
Location: Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center
Parent Track Cost: $349 (2 Parents: $499)

I am thrilled to launch the LEAD Parent Track alongside our annual LEAD Summit. Our mission at LEAD is to empower girls and the role models who support them. Our goal is to help LEAD girls become successful as possible, and providing parents with an educational element only strengthens our commitment to our mission.
— Kara Lynn Joyce, Founder

The LEAD Sports Summit is the first 4-day all-inclusive leadership and empowerment summit for teenage female swimmers. Throughout the weekend, LEAD Mentors and Speakers work with participants during group talks, team-building activities, workshops, and small-group, age-specific breakout sessions.  Three-time Olympian Kara Lynn Joyce founded LEAD (Leadership, Empowerment, and Athletic Development) as an opportunity for girls to learn leadership skills from strong, accomplished female mentors. LEAD is open to all female swimmers, ages 13-18. The 2019 Summit is SOLD OUT - you can register for our waitlist here.