Welcome back to 5 in 10, a series of 5 questions in 10 minutes "For Women Who LEAD." This week our 5:10 For Women Who LEAD features a woman who is making her presence felt in a heavily male dominated field. Samantha Huge, the newly appointed athletic director at the College of William and Mary, is a part of only 13% of women that have that role in NCAA D1 programs. A true trailblazer, this former student athlete is adding a fresh perspective for D1 athletics.


We have 5 questions for Samantha to find out a little more about what/who inspires her and what drives her to be a leader.

1.      MM: What did you aspire to be when you were younger?

SH: Oh gosh! There were 50 different things I wanted to be, but I think I always knew I wanted to be someone that would make a difference.

2.      MM: What would you tell your younger self about your life now?

SH: Just enjoy it, don’t let the downs get you too low and don’t let the highs give you too much arrogance. Remember to have a plan but know that you will need to be flexible.

3.      MM: What brings out your confidence when you’re feeling low?

SH: The rearview mirror. Looking back and seeing what I have already accomplished and when I look back at situations that I thought were maybe hard to overcome, that fact that I overcame them and just seeing how every step of my life seemed to have a plan even though at the time it seemed really scary maybe. 

4.      MM: Who inspires you?

SH: Lots of people, but as a group the William and Mary student athletes certainly inspire me. Here is a school where the athletes are some of the brightest students that we have on campus yet you are also competing at a high level. You have resilience and strength that is so inspirational to me.

5.      MM: What do you want to want to say to the next generation of Young Women Dreamers?

SH: Honor those who came before you. But forge your own path too.


Rapid Fire:

MM: Name one woman you think embodies confidence?

SH: Condoleezza Rice. She was our secretary of state during 9/11. But also You! The fact that you called up your athletic director saying you want to talk to them, I love that. I love that!

MM: Who was your role model at age 10?

SH: Oh gosh, age ten! That’s a long way to think back. But my grandmother.

MM: What’s your favorite way to relax?

SH: Turn off every electronic device and stare back at my back porch at what is back there, which is nothing but nature, birds and trees, and just realize how small I am in comparison to everything else.

MM: Do you walk around the woods that are around William and Mary a lot?

SH: I need to do it more.

MM: That is one of my favorite things about William and Mary is that we have that.

MM: What’s your Starbucks order?

SH: Right now it’s a flat white with just one scoop of the holiday spice.

MM:  What’s your favorite song?

SH: Oh gosh really! Oh my gosh there are so many. I think the one I go to the most is Amazing Grace, and American Pie is probably number two, which could not be more divergent right! Girl on Fire is also great but there are lots of other great ones out there! It all depends on my mood.



This post was written by contributing writer Mary Motch. Mary is a sophomore at the College of William & Mary and specializes in sprint freestyle, butterfly, and backstroke.