For those who don’t know us, our names are Terra and Sage. We attended the 2017 LEAD Sports Summit and are now LEAD interns! We have been swimming together since we were little, and there isn’t a day that goes by that we aren’t together. We’ve always been close, but nothing has brought us closer than swimming.

Over the past four years, our daily ritual has started at 4 am, wiping the sleep out of our eyes and grumbling to each other on the way to the pool. Swimming with your sibling can be as uplifting or tiresome as you let it be - it’s all up to you. With Terra headed off to NYU in the fall, we wanted to share a few of our experiences swimming togethers as sisters.



As the older sister, I got to see Sage, the baby of the family, grow to become the most dedicated person on my swim team. Swimming with Sage comes with both supporting her and arguing with her constantly about who’s the fastest... although usually Sage wins, I still beat her in the 100 free!. No matter what, my sister has been my rock as long as we’ve been swimming, and having her there every step of the way has been the greatest experience. Swimming with your siblings brings your family a lot closer, and it makes practice fun knowing that you can talk to your sister after the workout about how hard or awful a certain set was. Swimming has connected us in ways most siblings aren’t. It can be hard to relate to your siblings if there’s no starting point for conversation, but Sage and I can talk about swimming for days, whether it be about our nerves for upcoming big meets, or even asking advice from one another in different events.  In the end, we want what’s best for each other! Sage and I have always worked as a team, most of the time a dysfunctional one, but still a team, and nothing compares to the amount of fun you have when you get to swim with your little sister and watch her grow.


When we swim together in practices, there is an invisible competition between Terra and me. I guess you could call it a sibling rivalry… or just being sisters. This competitive drive has always helped me push through any plateaus or ruts in motivation.  With a sister by my side, I’ve been able to grow and learn from Terra. While she was going through the recruiting process with NYU, I was able to get a sense of the process and learn from her experience. While sisters always fight and squabble (and that was no exception for us), our different personalities turned our connection into a close friendship. Terra was, and still is, the “leader” with a charismatic and friendly attitude, and I tend to be more introverted. I am extremely appreciative for having a sibling, especially a sister, who has such a different personality because she helps me connect with new groups of people as well as my teammates. Although I have spent my entire life with her (and look forward to having my room to myself), I know I only have a short time left with Terra before she heads to New York. College is around the corner but I know that she’ll thrive on her own. I’ll miss talking to her every day and seeing her next to me in the pool. But for now, I’m just glad she’s still here to drive me to morning practice as I sleep in the passenger seat.