Frequently Asked Questions & Details on the Summit


What can I expect my daughter to learn from LEAD?

Attendees at the LEAD Sports Summit will learn from a versatile group of Women Leaders. Topics such as Leadership (what it means to be a leader, how to lead a team etc), Nutrition, Mental Health, Perseverance, Overcoming Plateaus, and much more. Upon check-in to the Summit, each girl will receive a LEAD workbook with prompted pages for notes to help follow along with each presentation.

What have previous attendees said abut LEAD?

"My daughter came away finally understanding that Olympians are just humans with the same fears, desires, etc., as the rest of us. She loved getting to know all of the mentors on such a personal level. The Leadership Session and paddle boarding were her highlights."

"My daughter is still processing / sharing stories from the weekend. There have been so many positive ones, particularly about Missy's struggles. The personal stories of things not being as magical as they appear on a swim swam video are helpful in reminding them that everyone struggles along the way, everyone has hardship in and out of the pool. Overall, it was a very positive experience and she is hopeful that she can attend again next year."

"My daughter found value in hearing stories that go beyond success and winning gold. She felt touched to learn that it is not an easy journey for even olympians. That there are ups and downs and you have to continue to believe in yourself. This is where all of the discussions about confidence really tied together nicely with the stories. My daughter also took a lot away from the nutrition discussion. I think it is good for girls to hear from an expert and not their Mom/Dad. Overall, this was an amazing experience for my daughter and we are so appreciative of the opportunity!"

Will meals be provided?

Yes, all meals will be provided at the Summit including: welcome dinner Friday, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday, breakfast Monday, and a grab-and-go lunch Monday. Snacks will also be provided throughout the weekend. If your daughter should need any additional meals, hotel room service is available and will require a credit card on file.

What time is check-in for local attendees driving to Atlanta?

Check-in will begin at 2p for participants driving to the Lead Sports Summit.

How will my daughter get from the airport to the hotel?

Our LEAD staff will meet each girl at the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport baggage claim upon their arrival and transport them to the hotel for check in on Friday, 8/31. We ask that you plan to have flights arrive before 3pm. Ground transportation for departing flights on Monday 9/3 will also be provided and we ask that you arrange for flights to depart at 3pm or later.

What is the cost of the Summit?

The Summit is all-inclusive and the cost is $1,399.

Will there be security at LEAD?

Yes, in addition to our chaperones, LEAD will have professional security on hand throughout the weekend to ensure the safety of all of our attendees.

Who will my daughter room with?

As the event draws near, we will send out forms to include a roommate request if applicable. We cannot guarantee all roommate requests will be honored but each girl will be with other attendees her age.

Will my daughter have interaction with the speakers?

Yes, breakout sessions will take place throughout the weekend with our speakers and attendees. Our speakers will also participate in activities and games along with the attendees. 

Who should attend LEAD Sports Summit?

LEAD is open to teenage girls ages 13-18 (at the time of the Summit) who are swimmers at any level.